Exercise is a “gold standard” evidenced treatment to improve respiratory diseases; COPD, bronchiectasis, asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. Take a Breath Physio have a background in pulmonary rehabilitation and are trained to help you safely exercise to improve your shortness of breath, maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve your quality of life. We can create a tailored exercise programme incorporating cardio, strength and Pilates for you to continue in your own home and work towards your personal goal.

Exercise rehabilitation is also a great treatment for post viral recovery such as Long COVID, and retraining breath pattern disturbance.

  • Initial assessment
    • Full baseline observations, including oxygen review at rest and when active, quality of life questionnaires and physical assessment.
  • Treatment
    • Education for managing breathlessness.
    • A unique strength and cardio exercise programme based on pulmonary rehabilitation.
    • Clearance advice and exercises.
    • Education specific to your lung condition.
    • Fatigue management.
    • Post assessment at 6-8 weeks.

“Encouragement of regular physical activity five times a week for 30 min each time is encouraged in line with standard healthy living advice”

(British Thoracic Society – guideline for pulmonary rehabilitation in adults)

Pre and Post surgery Rehabilitation

Patients with a long- term lung condition undergoing surgery are often advised by their Consultant to improve their fitness and ensure lung optimisation by initiating a “Pre-habilitation” exercise programme. Here at Take a Breath Physio we can tailor an exercise programme and lung clearance exercises that you can practice safely at home to ensure you are ready for your surgery.

After surgery you may wish to consider “Post-habilitation”. This is an exercise programme tailored to your post-surgical needs to help regain fitness safely and reduce your chances of chest infections.

Chronic Cough


Breathing Pattern Disorder